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Prayer Ministry 3 Nov 30 2014The Vineyard Pasadena Community are convinced that home churches led with competence, compassion, wisdom, and missional focus offer an effective and exciting means of growth and transformation for individuals and communities. The average size of the VinPas home church is between 10-20 people. Our home churches are multi-generational and we are not bothered at all by the chatter of infants. Children are active and equal members in our home churches. At this time, all the members of the various VinPas home churches gather together on the third Sunday once each month for a corporate worship celebration and it is a celebration indeed! We gather at PIHOP at 1403 N. Lake Ave, 91104 for this third Sunday morning worship gatherings (see calendar for dates). But the heart of our decentralized community is the home church. This is where we spend time in worship, teaching, prayer ministry, building relationships, learning to be transparent and geniune, learning to hear and discern God's voice, learning to develop the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and learning how to bless our neighbors and neighborhoods in the multitude of ways that we are continually talking about. Have a look at the drop down menu for our current home church opportunities.