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Beautiful Community

Contact: Brad Hightower (
Time: Sundays 11 am - 1 pm (view event)
Location: 5428 Dewar Ave, East Los Angeles, CA 90022 (view map)

Hightowers March 15 2015Brad and Jane Hightower lead Beautiful Community Home Church. We are a fun-loving family community that is pleasantly multigenerational (ages range from elementary school age to teens to young adult and older) and a multicultural community. We enjoy passionate worship, great teaching, and transformative prayer that is meaningful and relevant to all ages. We constantly pursue and explore creative ways we can be a life-giving asset to the neighborhoods and communities we live in, and especially to the Latino community in East LA. We are sensitive to the broken and marginalized in our communities and so have a wonderful partnership with InterVarsity ministries serving the student population at ELAC (East Los Angeles College). We also partner with AIR (Attitudes in Reverse) providing a variety of ways to support students with suicidal inclinations. We love exploring new ways that we can be signs and channels of the Kingdom of God.