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Next Steps;;

There are a number of exciting ways that you can connect and grow into your God given potential, and also grow in leadership if that is what God has for you! At the most basic level you can connect with any one of the pastors in our community and get together for coffee, tea, or whatever your favorite drink is. We can talk about whatever is on your mind! We are here to help and to serve.


Whether you are new to life in Jesus or have been around church communities for a while there is a place for you to grow. If you are at a place in your life in which you desire to serve or lead we have many opportunities for you as well. We want to change our neighborhoods and our world, through the power of God's Spirit, by doing a little bit of good for someone each day. There are a variety of ministries that help you learn to do this. So let's get together and talk about what is on your heart and mind!;;


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